Google “Millennials,” and more than 15 million results emerge. But, a new post-Millennial generation is growing up, and it seems that very little attention has been paid to them. So, what do we really know about Generation Z? First, we know that they are our tweens, teens, and young adults (born 1995-2010). And, between technological advances like artificial intelligence and nanotechnology as well as global issues such as terrorism and alternative facts, these kids and young adults are growing up during a very unique time. They do not know a world without personal digital devices like smartphones and tablets. Because of that, most have had access to nearly any information or service around the clock as long as they can remember. The oldest of Generation Z were in Kindergarten during the September 11th attacks and later were only 11 years old when we learned that global warming was an inconvenient truth. The youngest were in 4th grade when the global pandemic hit, whereas the oldest were just starting off their careers at the time. And, as they continue to come of age, they will be faced with more political, global, environmental, social, and economic issues than imaginable.