Gen Z Around the World

The study of generations offers a unique look at trends in attitudes and behaviors of individuals based on age and stage in life. Generations progress through childhood, adolescence, and adulthood at the same time, experiencing current events and societal factors during the same stage of life. During this stage, a peer personality develops, resulting in members having similar attitudes, preferences, styles, and behaviors. Given the interconnectedness of the world today in that communication, technology, commerce, education, politics, health, travel, and work have become increasingly globalized, there is a much stronger global peer personality of Generation Z than anticipated. This book will offer a look into this peer personality, helping us to expand our capacity to better work with, engage with, supervise, and educate Gen Z around the world.

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Generation Z: A Century in the Making

This book offers insight into nearly every aspect of the lives of those in Generation Z, including a focus on their career aspirations, religious beliefs and practices, entertainment and hobbies, social concerns, relationships with friends and family, health and wellness, money management, civic engagement, communication styles, political ideologies, technology use, and educational preferences. Drawing from an unprecedented number of research studies, this is the authoritative defining work on Generation Z that market researchers, consumer behavior specialists, and employers sorely need – and it is a fascinating read for anyone interested in generations. 2019, Routledge, 320 pages, ISBN: 978-1138337312.

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Gen Z Goes to College

Generation Z Goes to College

Generation Z is rapidly replacing Millennials on college campuses. Those born from 1995 through 2010 have different motivations, learning styles, characteristics, skill sets, and social concerns than previous generations. Unlike Millennials, Generation Z students grew up in a recession and are under no illusions about their prospects for employment after college. While skeptical about the cost and value of higher education, they are also entrepreneurial, innovative, and independent learners concerned with effecting social change. Understanding Generation Z’s mindset and goals is paramount to supporting, developing, and educating them through higher education. 2016, Jossey-Bass, 320 pages, ISBN: 978-1119143451

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Generation Z Leads

Generation Z Leads

As Generation Z (individuals born from 1995 to 2010) emerges into adulthood, educators will encounter new challenges and opportunities with this new cohort of students. Members of Generation Z have grown up in a very different world from their parents, resulting in unique perspectives and experiences that define this generation. Higher-education experts Dr. Corey Seemiller and Meghan Grace first began studying Generation Z for their book Generation Z Goes to College. They are now offering an even more specialized guide with Generation Z Leads, showcasing ideas and strategies for developing the leadership capacities of Generation Z students. 2017, CreateSpace, 92 pages, ISBN: 978-1456420253

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Generation Z Learns

From elementary to graduate school, classrooms are now filled with Generation Z students. And, much like those in the generations who came before, these students are eager to learn. But, their characteristics, interests, styles, and preferred learning environments are in many ways different from their predecessors. Generation Z Learns explores the nuances of Generation Z and offers recommendations to enhance the educational experience for this generation that focus on instructional design, pedagogical practices, and content development. Whether you are a teacher, professor, instructor, coach, mentor, or facilitator, you will find Generation Z Learns will provide you with tangible ideas and strategies you can employ right away. 2019, Independently Published, 163 pages, ISBN: 978-1092872416

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Guide to Generations in the World of Work

(forthcoming 2025, SAGE Publishing)

How we see and navigate the world plays a part in how we engage in our work. This is especially true as we see multiple generations comprise the world of work, in which each cohort brings a unique set of values, perspectives, preferences, and behaviors to organizations and companies. Guide to Generations in the World of Work will offer insight into the similarities and differences in preferences, worldviews, and expectations among workers from various generations as these will have the potential to impact their interactions with members of other generations as well as wider organizational structures and norms.